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About Us

Play, Write and Perform with a Purpose!

The Black Excellence Band is a Hip Hop Quartet from Oakland, Ca  consisting of group members: CLEAN (Hip Hop Artist) JAYLA (Drummer) ASHLEY (Keyboard Player) and KEVIN (Violinist). The music they perform is deeply centered around themes of freedom, love, independence, social justice, black pride and liberation. As a group they have played close to100 shows, across three tours since 2018. The purpose of their music is not only to provide entertainment and a good time to the audience, but to also cause their listeners to become more aware of world topics and to provide new perspectives and ideas through the stories told in each song. The band is now more than ever dedicated to using their platform and influence to create a better world through not only music but also by collaborating with other groups and organizations who continue to fight for human rights and social justice.Through the Power 100 we plan to fight these battles with music, community activism and finances. If you want to help make a change but don't know where to start, start with us. Become a member of The Power 100 or become an ally with your organization and feel the strength of a small community built around impact and purpose and be apart of changing the world!


"All Power To The People"